Why I Cannot Support Donald Trump

Never means never.

A picture’s worth 1,000 words. Via: Dominick Reuter/Reuters

I was sitting upstairs at work when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination. I laughed. “Lordy be, this man is a damn fool,” I said. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

The Republican field was enormous, arguably the most talented assortment of conservative ideals and values of the past, present, and future. Boy, I could not have been more excited to prepare for my first presidential election. I planned on attending the convention, and volunteering for the nominee. But then Mr. Trump cast his shadow, and the storm came.

I never supported Mr. Trump. Like I said, I thought he was a damn fool from day one. His rambling, incoherent, blustery style did not mesh with me. More importantly, neither did his positions.

Economically, Mr. Trump wants to cripple us. I will admit the man has good intentions. But like his other ventures, he just isn’t that good at execution. His extreme protectionism begs for a trade war that will tear down the U.S. economy, leaving it to rubble, dust, and ruin. The ensuing chaos of economic calamity, outrageous price increases, demoralizing unemployment, and hostile foreign relations would lead the United States down a dangerous road to isolation, despair, and destruction. Protectionism does not work, has not worked, and will never work. I cannot in good faith support a man willing to lead a nation to the economic brink because he “tells it like it is.” I grieve for jobs lost due to globalization and technological advance, but I also know there’s light and hope in creation. Capitalism and markets destroy jobs sometimes, yes. But it also creates greater than the original. Throughout history, markets have created greater prosperity despite destruction, and we cannot allow us to stagnate. Instead of making false, unattainable promises to bring jobs back, our leaders should focus on training Americans to compete in new industries and fields rather than allow them to die with the old. Mr. Trump has no viable plan to handle our debt. He has no viable plan for entitlement reforms. He would be a disaster. Frankly, Mr. Trump would allow us to die on the vine.

Speaking of telling it like it is, Mr. Trump’s immigration views again are ripe with good intentions, but, quite frankly, are dangerous. I also think it’s just rich many choose to ignore that Mr. Trump’s plan essentially rounds up the illegals, sets them gently across the border, and lines them up single file for reentry into America. There is absolutely zero difference between illegal and legal immigration. Either way, jobs are lost and  demographics change. If we’re going to commit to sealing up the border and kicking everyone out, commit 100% and don’t waste my time and money on a spectacle that doesn’t change anything. Suppose Mr. Trump really rounded’em up and kicked them out for good, the notion that the government can or would go door to door and round up millions of people to simply toss them over the border is wrong. It goes against what we stand for: people, values, and decency. Aside from that, who is going to pay for such a time, labor, and capital consuming project? Mr. Trump will be a job creator, alright, but he will do so only to expand the federal government and its forceful power. One day Mr. Trump comes after all those illegals. The next, he comes after you.

The first amendment and idea of freedom of speech is arguably the most important aspect of our society. Mr. Trump may tell it like it is, but he isn’t afraid to punish you for doing the same. A man hell bent on ego stroking press coverage, Trump has already blacklisted reporters and outlets, threatened to loosen up libel laws, and sends his Trumpkins to do his bidding and attack media members. He shuts down opposition, encouraging violence and other tactics. His contempt of free speech and ideas is grotesque and the sign of a weak leader. My president will never tell me what I can say or do. Only I may tell him.

I believe foreign policy is the number one task and priority of a president. He or she is a commander-in-chief rather than simply a legislator-in-chief. Mr. Trump’s foreign policy horrifies me. He flaunts a seemingly isolationist view of “America First.” Isolationism does not work and makes the world a dangerous place, gearing up to swallow us while we aren’t watching. He wants to be neutral with Israel, essentially betraying our only true friend and ally in a dangerous and awful region. Why does Mr. Trump want to alienate us from our allies in Europe and across the globe? Mr. Trump’s ineptitude and inability to understand of simple foreign policy ideas combined with his lack of control of his impulses sends a chill down my spine should he command nuclear weapons. What is stopping this man from making a grave error of blowing up the planet because someone pissed him off? What is stopping him from frivolously sending our young men and women into harm’s way because it is not politically correct to do so? Mr. Trump can’t be trusted holding such an honor of command.

Mr. Trump wants America to sit around, lounge a bit, and suddenly be great again. But America is at its greatest when it leads from the front. Mr. Trump may claim to advocate America First, but when America does not lead, she sinks to the world’s standard. Our standard is higher. The United States has a unique ability to single handedly improve our world. We are a beacon of hope, innovation, and prosperity. The world goes as we go. America is first when it’s leading the pack, setting the pace–not when it stands idle. America slips when we refuse to commit to lead.

Mr. Trump is untrustworthy, and that’s his biggest problem. The bloviating con artist flips and flops and waffles like no other. His ideas and opinions have been around the block a time or two or three or four. He claims to not be like most Republicans, likely because he’s never had a true conservative thought. He’s playing, acting, and he essentially tells us so. I must be able to trust my president. I simply cannot trust Mr. Trump. Who knows which one would sit in the Oval Office.

Mr. Trump, simply put, is dangerous. I do not trust him. I do not support him. How can I? While he maintains good intentions, he would only pull this country down into the mud of the world. He does not believe in freedom. He cannot give us prosperity. He is a con artist and a fraud, plain and simple. Sad!

I do not yet know who I will vote for in November. I do know one thing, however: I am Never Trump. Never means never.

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