Why Republicans should not fear cutting spending

Leaked details of President Donald Trump’s 2018 fiscal year spending plan indicate proposals for the “most extreme domestic spending cuts the country has ever seen,” according to POLITICO including a proposed discretionary spending cap would bring spending back to 2001 levels. 

Generally spending cut advocates, Republicans largely see the spending cut proposals as too extreme. POLITICO reports that “GOP legislators have reacted with fury, speaking directly to Mulvaney in recent days.” 

Perhaps we can concede that the proposed spending cuts are a bit extreme. It seems a tad reckless to jolt largely unchecked government growth back to 2001. However, Republicans should not fear radical spending cut proposals. 

Will the public react poorly to extreme budget cuts that impact most domestic departments and programs? Of course. Taking away money that Americans have grown accustomed too is rarely, if ever, praised. Naturally, GOP officials fear backlash in the voting booth, but that should not impede radical initiative and action to curtail government spending.

Election prospects could shift before 2018, but Trump will likely weigh down the GOP’s election efforts. Because Trump will be a negative force on Republicans, they must curtail government growth while they have the chance. Voters will not be pleased with the GOP regardless in 2018, so Republicans must at minimum offer bold leadership to the electorate.

Unfortunately, as history highlights, GOP officials will likely run and hide from tough decisions and display a passive restraint from enacting broad conservative policy. But cutting spending will allow Republicans to showcase their commitment to governing and enacting long-championed conservative policy. It’s imperative for America’s present and future prospect that Republican officials commit to spending cuts.

America’s future demands bold leadership to attempt to seize control of growing government debt and deficits, and bold leadership requires a certain streak of fearlessness in the face of extreme pressure. What does the GOP have to lose?

Republicans have a choice to make: Bold leadership or passive restraint? Choose wisely.


Unfortunate Joy in Trump’s Failure


Since firing former FBI Director James Comey on May 9, President Donald Trump has been saddled by scandal and leaks. The recent 5 P.M. news dumps revealed he compromised extremely classified information to Russia, may have tried to influence Comey to drop investigation into Michael Flynn, and told Russia he fired “nut job” Comey to ease pressure from FBI investigations. His aides repeatedly leak internal strife highlighting a portrait of a man many believe is mentally unfit and unstable to act as a competent Commander-in-Chief. While the substance of each leak may be true, too many American parade an unfortunate joy in Trump’s failure.

Both Democrats and Republicans on social media wait for new Trump scandals like an eight-year old waits for the ice cream truck. The tone of some reporters appears to delight in Trump’s shortcomings while some activists outright pray for his forced removal from office. Because each Russian headline seemingly proves their belief that Trump colluded with Moscow, progressives and conservatives alike gleefully parade the president’s potential criminality as a wonderful source of validation. Each accusation of Trump’s mental instability confirms his detractors’ conviction that he’s unfit to lead the United States. Overall, many members of the Left and Right take great joy in seeing the president validate their assumptions of his failures as a man and as a president. It’s quite unfortunate, really.

For all the joy many Trump critics on the Left and Right take in his failure, they refuse to acknowledge his successes, few as they be. Far too often Trump critics completely disregard his success because it doesn’t fit a narrative of failure and incompetence. Why? Well, it isn’t fun to commend a man who defies expectations.

As a pronounced critic of Trump, I believe many of his policy goals and behavior is ultimately misguided for the nation. Frankly, I believe he will continue to fail as president. However, I certainly take no joy in watching the most powerful man in the world stumble and falter on the biggest stage. I may mock his insecurities and his hypocrisy and critique his superficial policy, but every day I hope and pray he proves me wrong and guides America on the right track.

Although I believe Trump acts as a negative force on America, he is not the end of the world. America has survived bad presidents before and it can survive President Trump. Unfortunately, too many wish Trump was the end of the world in order to advance a narrative of failure or a goal of forceful removal of Trump.

Should Americans display blind loyalty to the president? Absolutely not. Trump has serious flaws and shortcomings that must be checked by all Americans. Conversely, should Americans display a unique joy in Trump’s failures? Again, absolutely not. Trump’s failures are America’s failures, and all Americans should pray for his consistent success.

The unfortunate joy gleaned from Trump’s failure fractures the culture of America. Now more than ever, Americans must unite in their hope and expectation of U.S. leadership and success. Critique Trump when he warrants criticism. Commend Trump when he warrants compliment. More importantly, however, take joy in Trump’s success and do not delight in delight in his failure.