Less French, More Sasse

Up in the sky. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a trial balloon?

According to a report from Bloomberg, Never Trump voters finally found their man. Drum roll, please: Constitutional lawyer, writer, and veteran David French. I’m sorry, what?

I’ve long advocated that for any third party to have a shot it must be bold. Mitt Romney’s image as the D.C. establishment and failed candidate weren’t going to cut it in 2016, especially not against the personality and names involved. But potentially trotting out a near complete unknown perhaps jumps the bold shark, right?

French seems like a wonderfully decent man, owning a deep depth of knowledge on foreign affairs and the Constitution. However, do Bill Kristol and other “Renegades” honestly believe enough conservatives will jump ship to join the French Revolution that features no government or executive experience and not much more than thoughts on paper? Will French even earn the opportunity to showcase his superior grasp of the world? The general sentiment of 2016 seems to be the rise of the outsider, yet the presumptive Democratic nominee has been the consulate insider for decades and the Republican nominee attempted to run a business his entire adult life. Even in 2016, experience still matters. 2016 turned political wisdom on its head, but an unknown candidate still likely cannot. The optics of the French trial balloon don’t look good either, only making the uphill battle steeper.

Right now we need a little more than French, but obviously cannot touch Romney. Where are the principled conservatives with enough experience combined with enough distance from Washington?

If a third party alternative wants to rise to legitimately challenge Trump and Clinton, the best option remains Sen. Ben Sasse. I understand Sasse probably won’t run because he wants to maintain time for family and serve the constituents that voted for him. I honestly commend him for it. But if an alternate to Trump and Clinton wants to be taken seriously and have a legitimate shot at winning, Sasse is the only option. The Nebraska Senator provides the fantastic wit necessary to directly take on and fluster Trump as well as the conservative ideals and values necessary to defeat both Clinton and Trump. Sasse has the experience of a Senator but also the perceived distance from D.C. Who else realistically does?

Would I vote for French over Trump and Clinton? Of course. But the United States needs a little Sasse.